Here try this

if ($DATABASE===Custom)
if ($DATABASE===Return_Log)
        echo ("<HTML>");
        echo ("<HEAD>");
        echo ("<TITLE> $us On Linux Using Apache</TITLE>");
        echo ("</HEAD>"); 
        echo ("<BODY  BGCOLOR=#000000  LINK=#5A72CC VLINK=#5A72CC ALINK=#ff0000$
        echo ("<H1<B>Please wait while loading RA Database</B></H1>\n");
        echo ("<meta http-equiv=refresh 

As you can see your using a IF...Statement....

I too have this coming from a form.........This simple code decides which Database is 
selected along with the Table....That way I can use the display code and everything 
else for other Databases....Plus you can use this with usernames and passwords....SO 
what if the user can see his or her password....

why I have exit ();...I don't remember why!?!?!?! AHAHAHAHAHAHHA....it works fine for 

Also you can pass variables to the sending page....with 
index.php?WHATEVER=$WHATEVER...on the redirect....It doesn't take long at all But I 
like to tell the user where the hell there going.............

Since the form has passed the Variables over to the next page( or the page after the 
form)...these variable will be here to move on to the next page...But you must use 
them...or they are lost.....




"Webmaster" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message 
> I have a form and based off of this form if my user selects option a then I
> want them to be redirected to another page. If they select option B then I
> want to continue with my php scrips as it does now.
> Does any one have any ideas on how I can accomplish this?
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