Don't know about phpAdmin, but in straight PHP, after you've connected to 
database, etc.

$sql = "drop table tablename";
$result = mysql_query( $sql );

if you want to test for the table before deleting use
$sql = "drop table if exist tablename";

HTH - Miles

At 03:30 PM 8/3/01 +0200, thomas wrote:
>Hi, I'm new to phpMyAdmin but they told me to use this programm to delete a
>table from my mysql database.
>I've configured the file and when i try to run phpMyAdmin i can see my
>database on the left frame, however the right frame doesn't show up at all.
>(instead there's a download dialog box opening all the time). When i
>download the file and open it in notepad i get an unreadable set of
>what should i do to delete that table??
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