i suppose this much have a simple solution i am missing.  but here is the situation.

i want to checkand see if my query returned any results.   problem is if i check liek 
this -
if($results = mysql_fetch_array($result))

it appears that a resource is returned regardless.  so this is always true.

the real problem is that i need to find out if something is returned without actually 
accessing the data.  because this if statement appears to be calling the first row of 
result data so later when i use a while loop to go through the data i am missing the 
first result returned.

i have tried putting a few other mysql function in the conditional.  maybe i am on the 
wrong path  . . would one of the cariable functions like isset()  or soemthing check 

Thank You,
Jon Yaggie
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100 bugs in the code
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