This is a real strange one. I am writing a shell script in PHP which I am
cronning to run every 5 mins. Basically it downloads email via imap. Splits
it up into it relevant sections and adds it to a database. It does multiple
inserts, and update and multiple selects. The problem I have is that some of
the inserts dont work. There is no error returned ny mysql_error() and if
echo the SQL out and run in the MySQL client then it inserts ok. The thing
is that it is not the same query every time either. Sometimes its the first
insert and naother time its the second insert. I have attached the script in
case you want to check it out.. Any ideas anyone?



Jon Farmer
Systems Programmer
Entanet International Ltd www.enta.net
Tel 01952 428969
Mob 07968 524175

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