I'm currently using an IIS5 (W2k) with php4.0.6 (CGI) and MS SQL Server
I've run into problems when fetching fileds of the type datetime from the
When using the MS SQL Query Analyzer I get my dates formated like this out
of my database: 2001-06-08 08:14:40.000
When using php to send my queries (mssql_query) to the database I get the
dates formated like this: 08 06 2001 8:14
But in my application I'd need the same format as i get it in the
Query-Analyzer. Any idea how to achive that or what's going wrong?
Besides all that: When I'm using the unified ODBC functions of PHP I get the
date in the same format as from the Query Analyzer. Might there be a bug in
PHP's mssql_ functions (well some might call a reformat of the datatype a
feature but I don't...)?

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions,
    Tom Winkler

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