Understood. Notice that almost all of the MS databases and tables
(predefined and samples) have *no* space in them. I'd long ago forgotten the
ODBC/SQL syntax (last time I used it was in 95), thanks for the reminder.

- Robert
  (who likes to use human readable names wherever possible)

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> That did it! Using:
> <... stuff >
> $dbname = "[Test Database]"; 
> <... more stuff >
> mssql_select_db($dbname);
> worked perfectly. Again, Thanks!

This is standard Microsoft (and maybe ODBC?) syntax. Using square brackets
work on most things including table names and field names with spaces in
This will work fine

SELECT [table space].[field space] FROM [table space]

It doesn't mean that you should go around putting spaces in your database 
objects. That's never a good idea :)


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