I have noticed many posting about this topic and the overall answer seems to
be it can't be done.  Well, it can!

I actually finally got it to work. It is actually quite simple. I think I
was trying to make it too hard. FYI, here is the code in case anyone else
has this problem:
This goes above <HEAD> on the page you need the php include code in.
if( !IsSet($w) )
die('<html><head><script language="JavaScript"
/restest.php?w=" + screen.width)</script></head></html>');
This goes where the php include need to show on the page:
echo include('header'.$w.'.htm');
Then you just have to name your headers for the resolution, ie
header800.htm, header1024.htm, etc...
Works like a dream!
It chooses a header based on the screen resolution of the user and includes
it in the proper place for the php include.

Cara Lane

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