Thanks for the help Mr. Bothwell.
But now it seems I get a new error:
Parse error: parse error in C:\Program Files\Apache
Group\Apache\htdocs/oiamemb/members.php on line 89

I don't know why, or if it's the MySQL database who's moching with me.

The current source is as follows: (Guess I've screwed it up worse than

Thanks to all the people who have helped me. This is my first try at PHP,
and MySQL for that matter so I realy apreciate it!

Best regards Cato

------------> Code start

 $usr = "Xephiroth";
 $pwd = "lordoftherings";
 $db = "members";
 $host = "localhost";

 # connect to database
    $cid = mysql_connect($host,$usr,$pwd);
 if (!$cid) {
        echo "Error: ".mysql_error();
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">

<body bgcolor="#000000" text="#FFFFFF" leftmargin="0" topmargin="0"
marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" background="../images/back.gif"
    $str = "PHP is not running!";
    echo substr($str, 0, 7) . substr($str, 11);
$prof = "Nano-Technician"; # setup SQL statement
$SQL = "SELECT * FROM memberinfo ";
$retid = mysql_db_query($db, $SQL, $cid); # check for errors
if (!$retid) { echo( mysql_error()); } else { # display results

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($retid)) {
$email = $row["email"];
$loc = $row["loc"];
$aim = $row["aim"];
$icq = $row["icq"];
$msn = $row["msn"];
$yahoo = $row["yahoo"];
$charname = $row["charname"];
$charsname = $row["charsname"];
$charnick = $row["charnick"];
$tit = $row["tit"];
$lvl = $row["lvl"];
$picurl = $row["picurl"];
$born = $row["born"];
$apperiance = $row["apperiance"];
$charac = $row["charac"];
$streng = $row["streng"];
$bio = $row["bio"];
$breed = $row["breed"];
$prof = $row["prof"];
$posn = $row["posn"];

$contents = row(cell("", 150) . cell("", 200) . cell("", 200));

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($retid))
    $contents .= row(
        cell("<img src='{$row["picurl"]}'>")
                "{$row["tit"]} {$row["charname"]} "
            .bold("Contact: ").$row["email"]."<br>"
            .bold("Level: ").$row["lvl"]."<br>"
            .bold("Breed: ").$row["breed"]."<br>"
            .bold("Profession: ").$prof."<br>"
            .bold("Location: ").$row["loc"]."<br>"
            .bold("AIM: ").$row["aim"]."<br>"
            .bold("ICQ: ").$row["icq"]."<br>"
            .bold("MSN: ").$row["msn"]."<br>"
            .bold("Yahoo!: ").$row["yahoo"]."<br>"
            .bold("Born: ").$row["born"]."<br>"
            .bold("Appearance: ").$row["appearance"]."<br>"
            .bold("Position: ").$row["posn"]."<br>"
            .bold("Characteristics: ").$row["charac"]."<br>"
            .bold("Strengths/weaknesses: ").$row["streng"]."<br>"
            .bold("Bio: ").$row["bio"]."<br>"

echo table($contents);


<-------------- Code end

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