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> > Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2001 6:47 PM
> > Subject: [PHP-DB] Member authentication with PHP and MySQL
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> > > I'm trying to authenticate members by using php and MySQL.
> > > How do I make the authentication to go to site:
> > > members.php?charnick=$charnick
> > > Where $charnick is brung from the DB line who was authenticated?
> >
> > I would use either cookies or sessions for this.
> > First Check for the cookie, and verify its contents.
> > If there isn't a cookie then do the login prompt like you
> > are doing now.
> One more thing...
> When I've set up the script and run it on my local server I get this

1. what error?

2. replying at the top of a message is poor form.
    I know Outlook Express wants to do this; it's just
    one more reason to hate the Evil Empire.

3. please trim the replied-to stuff to keep only attributions
     and relevant content.  I don't like having to read
    5k of old text just to make sure you haven't added
    anything to it...

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