Hi people,
I have a site that is made up of a number of different images that are all
created on the fly with GD. The site works fine on a stable UNIX
environment, but I have tried to transfer it to a regular Windows box for
development, and I am having some troubles.

MOST of the images will work fine, but after clicking through a few pages,
images will begin to break. I have tried increasing the ThreadsPerChild in
the Apache config to 100, then to 200 (originally 50), and if I reload the
page after restarting the server, the new image will show up, but the same
situation repeats after clicking through more pages.

Is there any particular reason that anyone can think of, why this would
happen? Here are the specs:
Machine: Celeron 400-something/128 Mb RAM (Yes I know its not much to look
Apache 1.3.19
MySQL 3.23.37
PHP 4.0.5
GD 1.8.3? (Something like that - it supports PNGs)

I have plenty of hard drive space left.

- Jonathan

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