I previously posted that GD was giving me grief after a while, once I had
moved the development of my site over to a Windows machine running Apache. I
believe I now know why there were problems. After a while, I began receiving
error messages and they would output in the middle of the image code,
causing the image to break. Setting error_reporting to 0 allowed them to

Now I have another problem. It seems that after Apache uses a file, it does
not release it. I was able to display a sample image using a TrueType font
file, and I was able to see the text perfectly. After refreshing, the text
portion of the image did not work, but other elements of the image did.

I wrote $php_errormsg to a logfile and was able to see the following error:
Could not read font

However, I KNOW the font is there, and it has loaded it before. I
double-checked to make sure, and it was still there. It seems that it cannot
open the file or something - as if another process were using the file. The
only explanation I can think of is that Apache never let go of the file
after using it. Is this a possibility? Remember, I am using a Windows 2k

- Jonathan

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