"Russ Michell" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
news:SIMEON.10108141609.F@k1c. anglia.ac.uk...
> I just needed a similar thing to occur in my app!
> Just reload the page using the header function:
> Once submit has been hit in one frame, pass a hidden value from Frame1
> to frame2:
> <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"refresh\">
> Then detect for it in the 2nd frame and refresh the page using the
> header() function:
> if (isset($refresh)) {
> header("Location: $PHP_SELF");
> }

That seems like an (umm...) *unusual* method...

When the form is submitted, it calls the target
page - which then calls itself again?

I don't see what this gains you.

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