Have a working Oracle installation (8.0.5)

Have all my ORACLE_HOME/SID/BASE and so on corectly set up.

Configures apache
Configures php with --with-apache --with oracle . .. . . .. 
Works just good. Oracle are found and right version are found in the 
Configure output.

make and make install php and then make and make install apache. compiles 
just fine.

Doing a phpinfo(); showes OCI8 and NOTHING under ORACLE_HOME and libes 
used. SAme with the Oracle part.

User envirement (phpinfo();) I can read ORACLE_HOME/SID set to right values

STILL IT DONT WORK !  when i do get error reriving ora errors for and then 
different ORA-12545 and such

gahhhh !

anyone able to help ?

 // LEIF

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