I'm relatively new to MySQL and am drawing up some ideas for writing a
support/trouble tracking database for my company. I envisioned a single
database with seperate tables for various data I would be storing
(IP/Connection info table, Machine Inventory Table, etc). Each table would
have data for all the clients, and each client would have their own login
(via web/php) to view their information. However, it doesn't seem that I can
restrict a given mysql user to access only those rows of data that are
relevant to their company. It seems that I can only restrict user access to
certain tables, which would seem that I would have to have a seperate table
per client/company. This doesn't seem to be an ideal way of storing the data
I would be collecting though. Is there some other means of restricting
access in the desired way or am I being too ambitious in my goals of having
the client data accessible via a per user/login basis? The other thought I
had was of setting cookie/session variable with the client id (unique) at
login. Then all requests for data would be validated since each row of data,
regardless of table, would have the client id as one of the keys. Would this
work or be too much overhead? Is there a better way of doing this? Thanks
for your time.

PS. If you could copy me on your replys that would be great as I am not
currently subscribed to the list.

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