> Has anyone done anything with Windows 2000 Active Directory from PHP? I'd
> quite like to try this out but I haven't been able to get anything to work!
> To begin with I'd like to query basic attributes like user name, phone
> number, email address....

Well, having never done this, and not being anything close to an expert in
Active Directory (is your confidence soaring yet?), I'd suggest you'll probably
be able to treat it like any other LDAP server, and query it through php's LDAP
toools. Perhaps posting to the general php list would garner some further

> IMPORTANT NOTICE  The information in this e-mail is confidential

<rant mode=on>
Not to pick solely on you, but I find these types of notices very humorous when
sent to public mailing lists - it seems like the very act of attaching them to
what are essentially public notices would dilute their usefulness if you ever
wanted to sue someone over reposting truly confidiential info (include

I'm assuming your employer's mail server attaches these to every outbound
message from your company, but perhaps there'd be a way for your postmaster to
make it a little less brain-dead by not attaching it to mail sent to certain
addresses, namely _any_ public mailing list.

I feel better....

Chris Hobbs
Silver Valley Unified School District

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     but they should!

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