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Subject: Re: [PHP-DB] Getting info from Cookie

> Thanks!
> But how do you extract a certain point of info from it?
> The info is seperated by "+" (without the "'s)
> I used:
> <?php echo $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["TestCookie"]; ?>
> And I got  Cato+bec39d1ca1091da20b4a8ef5ecacfde8
> Where  bec39d1ca1091da20b4a8ef5ecacfde8 is the session id for the MySQL
> database, and Cato is what I want to extract.

Use explode() to split the string using "+". This returns an array with 2
elements and in your case you want the first element.

$parts = explode("+", $HTTP_COOKIE_VARS["TestCookie"]);
echo $parts[0]

Jason Wong
Gremlins Associates

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