Hi !

There are some confusion for me. Could you help me ?
Suppose I write a program by php and connect the postgresql database through web page. 
 If I use the providing API from PHP connect to postgresql database,  like that 

==> $connection  = pg_connect("$constr user='$USER' password='$PW'");

Actually It should be closed the connection after access finished, like that 

==> pg_close($connection);

But if the user force to close the web page that means have not close the connection. 
I want to ask the connection will be closed by Apache Server automatic ? or when user 
closed the web page the connection will be closed at the same time ? If the connection 
have not been closed automatic. So the Apache Server will keep the connect port 
forever ?
Actually the connection port handle by Apache Server or PHP ?

PHP 4.0.3pl1
PostgresSQL 7.0.3
Apache Server 1.3.14
Linux Redhat 6.2


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