No, ActiveX controls don't work on Netscape. For that you'll need a plug-in.
There is a company, I think their name is compass, they do/did a plug-in
that enable Netscape to run activex controls.

John Any thouht where to find it? You did good last time.

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Okay thanks, I'll have a look at that.

I am right in thinking that ActiveX controls can work in Netscape, as long
as Internet Explorer (>4.0) is installed?


John Pickett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Microsoft DHTML Editing Control:
> Maybe that will help?  It's probably the same thing Francisco mentioned,
> now you don't have to "look" for it at least.  I suggest you download the
> demo here too:
> ads/samples/Internet/browser/editcntrl/default.asp
> Install that and then open the fulledit.htm file...  Holy crap that's cool
> ;-)  Anyway, hopefully that answers your question, cheers!

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