modify and delete submit buttons would probably be your best bet.  my usual
modus operandi is to send an id number (or other qualifying criteria) to
the next page (often i use the very same page so as to not have to re-write
the form).  

modify:  send id in an input hidden statement with your form information
and use an update query --

<input type=hidden name=address_id value=$id>

then on the next page

$query = "update table set address_lname=$lname address_mname=$mname
address_phone=$phone where address_id = '$id'";

for a delete, use the same id field to locate the unique record in the

$query = "delete from table where address_id = '$id'";

for sort order, use ORDER BY in your select statement:

$result = mysql_db_query($database,"select * from addressbook order by nom");
$result = mysql_db_query($database,"select * from addressbook order by nom
will result in a descending sort order.

good luck,

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