Hi everybody, I'm new to PHP4 and I'm trying my first connection to an
odbc database.
I'm using RedHat 7.0, PHP 4.0.1pl2, and unixODBC to connect via ODBC to
MSSQL running on Windows NT. I've been able to correctly configure
unixODBC with easysoft's odbc to odbc bridge.
I've created an ms-sql file and run this php file
    $dsn="oobclient"; // this is a valid DSN, can be tested in odbctest
    $conn_id = odbc_connect($dsn,$user,$password);
    if ($conn_id)
    echo "connected to DSN: $dsn";
    else echo "Connection impossible";


Warning: SQL error: , SQL state in SQLConnect in
/var/www/html/testodbc.php on line 14
Connection impossible

Do I  have to enable something ?

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