daddy or chips, daddy or chips <apologies to non-uk readers>

go with postgresql.
it's superb.
we use at at work and have had nine months service with no unplanned

fast and reliable and great php support - gets my vote every time.

now if only i could persuade my company to stop paying micro$oft ....


"Jarek Zgoda" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Od: "Michael" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Temat: [PHP-DB] Re: interbase or postgres
> > J-E-N wrote:
> > >
> > > just want to here comments from you guys. i will be doing a shopping
> cart and i'm still looking for the best database which i could use aside
> from Oracle.i'm still thingking which is better. interbase or postgres?
> >
> > Just a few comments -
> > Postgresql has a larger range of data types and built in string
> > functions,
> > Interbase has no text datatype and (I think) "like" doesnt use an index.
> The "text" datatype is present, but is a BLOB subtype (as usually in C
> world - it's not a text, it's "null-terminated string").
> > I don't think you'd do badly using either but I'd lean towards
> > postgresql. It seems to be deveoping at a faster rate than Interbase and
> > probably has the edge performance wise.
> While Postgres has better future, IB is better now. IB has long way away
> a commercial product, being utilized by most critical user (US Army used
> in it's M60TTS and M1 to M1IPM tanks).
> Anyway, i like IB. It's always the same - under Linux, Solaris, NT,
> NetWare...
> Cheers
> Jarek Zgoda

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