Can someone tell more about OciPLogon.
I know that OciLogon is used frequently but the connection to the DB is
shared amongst the pages so as in the common way where every page in a site
uses one pair user/password use the only channel. When one script makes
"commit" it commits all, so if two scripts subsequently made insert but one
thinks that there was a fail it will issue "rollback". The problem is that
the other script issued "commit" and "rollback" does nothing.
Someone can tell that the decision is using OciNLogon - ok but I know that
this is the most time consuming way to connect to Oracle.
The refined question is: "Does OciPlogon is like OciLogon - one channel, one
scripts commits/rollbacks all statements, or it is like OciNLogon but the
connection is not made everytime a scripts want such but used already
created one?".
One more question : When PHP and Oracle works on one machine to make all
work the enviroment variable ORACLE_HOME has to be set for example :

// set ORACLE Dir to get the NET8 name resolver working
// tnsnames.ora has to be in $ORACLE_HOME/networking/admin/


but if my web server is an Apache under windows and the oracle is on other
machine under Linux(RH), what have to be done to make my PHP work with the

Many thanks.
Sincerely : Andrey Hristov

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