I use PHP 4.0.6 with mySQL 3.23.40 and I have the error
2008 (client run out of memory) performing this query :

select i2f.item_id, i2f.value, f.id from features as f, item2feature as i2f, 
items as i where i.scat_id = '244d713abba5f2ffb8d0ba8c858111ef' and i.id = 
i2f.item_id and f.id = i2f.feat_id

That query works perfectly with phpMyAdmin - It returns 2 rows - and is also 
performed several times in the program using loops.

I tried unbuffered queries but I had an error 0 (?).

I think It is not the query that goes wrong but I don't understant why the 
mysql client run out of memory like that !

How can I find the cause of the problem ? Is there a way to see what's in the 
mysql client memory ?

Thank you !

PS : If you want to reply me directly remove the name between brackets from 
the subject..

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