I built PHP with oracle and oci8 extensions. I built it as a static module for
Apache 1.3.20.
If you are getting errors from running 'configure' (something like it can't
locate the Oracle libraries) its because the Oracle 8 library searched for is
hard coded as corresponding to the older oracle library.
If you create a symbolic link to the oracle 9 library as follows:


it will compile and build.


Joe Casey wrote:

> What module did you build PHP with? We tried rebuilding PHP 4.06 with oci8
> after upgrading to 9i and apparently the client libraries were missing. Am I
> missing something?
> Tom Tsongas wrote:
> > Hi folks.
> >
> > My group recently switched from an 8i to a 9i database. I recompiled
> > PHP4.0.6 against Oracle 9i and everything went smoothly. However, when I
> > attempt to execute my PHP code, I get the following error:
> >
> > ORA-12541: TNS:no listener
> >
> > My database admin says that the connection information is accurate. Is
> > there something new I have to do with 9i?
> >
> > Tom
> --
> Joe

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