iODBC is available for free, and as source.
This will let you use any ODBC driver, after you compile PHP --with-iodbc.
There is a fairly straightfoward HOWTO at

OpenLink's drivers are not distributed in source format, but download for
free with a 2-connection license that does not expire.  You may also use any
other ODBC driver that you like, or use the iODBC SDK to write your own ODBC
driver if you feel strongly that this should be a free item.

Best regards,
Andrew Hill
Director of Technology Evangelism
OpenLink Software
Universal Data Access & Data Integration Technology Providers

"Robert Schultz" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Ok... we have an Oracle Server running on a remote Sparc 220R system.
> We then have an Ultra 5, which has a Sparc processor in it. We have RedHat
> Linux running on the Ultra 5. So thats Linux on Sparc (not i386).
> Is it possible to communicate with the remote oracle database using this
> up?
> Oracle only distributes binaries of their clients. They support linux, but
> only under Intel chips. They support Sparc chips, but only with Solaris.
> I looked DEEPLY into IODBC. What a nightmare. When I finally even remotely
> determined that it was possible for free, all the drivers to connect to an
> oracle DB were, again, in binary format and not available as source (damn
> money grubbing companies).
> So it all comes down to... is it even possible?
> I heard rumors that with very cleaver relinking the Oracle 8.0.5 client
> work under Linux on Sparc.
> Of course this is all to be used through PHP4.0.6 on the ultra 5.
> The reason we are running Linux on the Sparc instead of Solaris is beacuse
> PHP has a known bug in with PHP under Solaris when using the UCD SNMP
> package (
> For the project this box will be used to develop REQUIRES PHP with full
> support, Linux was necessary.
> Any ideas anyone?
> --
> Robert Schultz - [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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