I successfully compiled PHP to connect to MS SQL 2000 this way:

1. Get "FreeTDS" (free version of Table Data Stream protocol driver) and install it.
2. Configure installed file "interfaces" (see doc of FreeTDS), you need just name your 
connection to SQL
3. Configure PHP with --with-sybase option, compile and install
4. Try your connection
<?php  if (mssql_connect("named_conn_from_interfaces_file", "user", "pass")>0) print 
"working!"; ?>

"Adam Oliver" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Anybody know of a good installation description for connection PHP on
> to MS SQL on a 2000 machine?  I've been through about 3 so far and none of
> them have worked.
> Adam

Premysl Dedic, 
       Need, a.s.
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