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> I'm trying to compile PHP 4.0.6 on LinuxPPC and I keep tripping over the
> MySQL part. It just won't compile (can't find headers during the MySQL
> All the documentation points to there being a /usr/local/mysql/ folder but
> after my MySQL install (rpm) I don't have such a folder. The nearest I
> is:
> /usr/bin/                which seems to have all the client stuff;
> /usr/bin/include     which has several files with '.h' extensions
> /var/lib/mysql        which has the server/engine stuff
> /usr/local/php-4.0.6/ext/libmysql/  which appears to have more '.h' files.

    Do a

locate mysqld

    And see what that pops up.  If you did it by rpm, mysql is probably in a
/etc/mysql  directory.

Grant Boggs

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