I guess it depends on the ODBC driver. If it lets you pass commands 
directly to the database, something like s SQL_PASSTHRU, use that faciity. 
Otherwise use the SELECT command to fetch the first record. Normally this 
is a two step process: execute the select, then use a while loop to step 
through the returned records.

For examples and instruction on the mechanics of this you can check 
tutorials at www.thickbook.com, or on the Devshed, Webmonkey, PHP_Builder 
and Zend sites. Most examples use the MySQL database, so you will have to 
modify them a bit for use with ODBC. (Alternately, do it first with MySQL, 
so that you know how it is supposed to work, then shift to ODBC and your 
own database.

That's pretty general, but it should steer you in the right direction.

Miles Thompson

At 10:22 AM 8/22/01 +0200, Veniamin Goldin wrote:

>Please help me !
>How to move recordset to the first record (i use to connect to database
>using ODBC).
>Thank you !
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