This would probably be a better question for a MySQL newsgroup...

Anyway, I am just talking off the top of myhead since I never did 
anything like this, but i don't think copying DB files is the proper way 
to move databases.  I believe there is some MySQL dump utility you need 
to create one transferable file that you can then import on the other 

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 [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jay Paulson) wrote:

> Anyone know why a MySQL table is set to read only?  I'm logged in as the
> root user of MySQL and I have checked the privalages of the root user in the
> MySQL table and everything is set to "Yes" and I'm able to add and delete
> users in the MySQL table.
> Here's what I did... I had a database on my Win2k machine and I just ftp'ed
> those files over to MySQL running on RedHat.  I noticed that the permissions
> of the files on the RedHat box were different than the MySQL database so I
> changed the permissions on those files I ftp'ed over.  But to no evail it
> still doesn't work correctly.
> Would it make a difference if I was using a earlier version of MySQL on my
> Win2k machine than on the RedHat machine?
> Anyway, I'm at a total lost here so any help would be great!
> Thanks,
> Jay

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