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> Hi Wrox guys and all,
> Can anyone help me out on this??
> I've been using this code for quite some time now. I got it from the
> "Beginning PHP4 by Choi, Kent, Lea, Prasad, and Ullman". All those times, I
> don't get any errors UNTIL tonight! :(
> I am now getting this error message:
> "Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in
> c:\nusphere\apache\htdocs\domainfolder\register.php on line 17"
> function in_use($username){
> global $user_tablename;
> $query = "SELECT username FROM $dbuser WHERE username = '$username'";
> $result = mysql_query($query);
> if(!mysql_num_rows($result)) return 0; // this is the line 17.
> else return 1;
> }

Is that the code for the function exactly?  If so, where is $dbuser set?  If
it's set outside the function, you need to make it a global

global $user_tablename,$dbuser;

> Does this have anything to do with updated MySQL parser? I am now using
> MySQL version 3.23.36.

Possibly if the version of PHP that you are using was linked to old versions
of the MySQL headers.  You may need to recompile PHP.


Paul Burney

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