Hi Guys,

I am retriving information based across three tables, here is the SQL

SELECT DISTINCT title, filelocation, filename, ranking, summary FROM pdf,
words, searchwords WHERE words.id = searchwords.word_id AND pdf.id =
searchwords.pdf_id AND LCASE(words.word) LIKE LCASE('%$searchstr%') ORDER BY
ranking DESC;

The only problem is, the return set has duplicated rows. But I think I may
have a problem in the words table. I am indexing pdf files and they each
have upto 15 search words, but some of the rows in the words table aren't
words, but instead three or four words, ie.

script (this is a word in one row)
server script (these words are in the second row)

So the query is picking up script in both cases due to the %% in the LIKE
clause, is there anyway to remove the duplicate rows or do I have to have
only one word in each row in the words table?

Hope this makes sense... let me know if it doesn't and I'll re-write it ;)\



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