I'm on a FreeBSD 4.2 box running Apache 1.3.14+OpenSSL with mod_php4
(4.0.3). I am attempting to set up ODBC for this box, and it's giving me

First, I installed unixODBC (www.unixodbc.org), which went fairly smooth.
Second, I installed myODBC for UNIX via the ports directory, which also
seemed to install fine.
Third, I modified the mod_php4 Makefile to include --with-unixODBC and
compiled it. Everything seemed to go through fine, and Apache restarted at
the end.

When I went to test the function, I got a "Page Cannot be Displayed" error
(IE 5.5). If I try removing the line that uses odbc_connect(...), it will
print out the request variables. Only when odbc_connect is present in the
code, will it break.


I have tried this with a DSN name and a username and password, but it does
not work. Any ideas, anyone?

- Jonathan

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