I'm trying to enter a fair amount of text into a mySQL database from 
textfiles using PHP.  I'm having some problems, and I hope someone can help 
me.  The table looks like this:

Name    : rants
id      : int auto_increment
date    : varchar(8)
category: char(1)
title   : varchar(75)
rtext   : text

The code I'm using looks like this:
if (file_exists($filename))
   // Open it.
   $file = fopen($filename, "r");

   // Skip the first line due to the span tag.
   $fulltitle = fgets($file, 128);
   $fulltitle = fgets($file, 128);

   // Parse out the date from the title.
   $temp  = explode(": ", $fulltitle);
   $date  = $temp[0];
   $title = $temp[1];

   // Pass over the second span tag.
   $crap = fgets($file, 128);

   // Pass over the first line break.
   $crap = fgets($file, 128);

   $text = fgets($file, 128);

   while (!feof($file))
      $text = $text.(fgets($file, 128));

   // Replace possibly invalid characters to avoid screwing up the
   // SQL statement.
   $title = str_replace("'", "^^singlequote^^", $title);
   $text  = str_replace("'", "^^singlequote^^", $text);
   $title = str_replace("\"", "^^doublequote^^", $title);
   $text  = str_replace("\"", "^^doublequote^^", $text);

   // Write out everything that we have.
   echo "Date: $date<br>\nTitle: $title<br>\nType: 

   $query = "INSERT INTO rants VALUES (1, '$date', '$type', '$title', 
   mysql_db_query($query, $db_link) or die ("<br>Problem!");

And a typical rant may consist of characters as widely varied as the text in 
this message (basically a multi-paragraph essay with HTML in it).

When I try to execute this, it doesn't add anything into the database, and 
prints out "Problem!".  I have absolutely no idea why.  Can someone give me 
some direction here?  I would be eternally grateful for it.

I am running PHP4 and mySQL on a Win2K server.



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