On Tuesday 28 August 2001 22:05, Jonathan Hilgeman wrote:
> Okay, all I need to know is this:
> Some people say that they can only connect with:
> odbc_connect("DSN=Datasource;UID=username;PWD=password","","");
> Others say that doesn't work, and that they can only connect with:
> odbc_connect("Datasource","username","password");
> I am confused. I can use the second example (I'm on PHP 4.0.3), but
> not hte first, although I need to use the first example. Is there
> some sort of switch that lets you decide what format you can follow?
> - Jonathan

if ($RTFM == 1) {
int odbc_connect (string dsn, string user, string password [, int 
} else {

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