On Tuesday 28 August 2001 22:45, Todd Cary wrote:
> OK!  I now have Linux 7.1, PHP 4.0.6, Interbase 6, and Apache all
> running thanks to some kind from from all of you.
> Now the big question that is not within the scope of this forum: 
> What did I really do when I compiled the PHP 4.0.6?
> Maybe a direct email to me is the best way this can be answered. 
> Keep in mind I have been using Delphi since version 1, so
> conceptually I understand what is being performed.  Where I feel
> "lost" is in learning the new nomenclature and tools to do the same
> job.
> Most important is my appreciation for the generous help you gave
> me.......
> Todd

(do you understand the people saying Linux is difficult?) :)

Well, what you did is you compiled php with options (interbase) that rh 
didn't compile in. In my case (SuSE), they did the same.
With the long line './configure ....' you chose what option(s) you'd 
like to have in your php module, like e.g. Interbase support. 
Php finally is just a library (dll) that is being loaded by apache and 
makes it speak php. Interbase support was being added to this library 
by your compiling 
I suggest that you try './configure --help' to see clearer.

With 'make' you actually compiled it, 
and with 'make install' you installed it. (you copied the right files 
in the right places on your system)

usually, you can uninstall it with 'make uninstall'

have fun!,


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