You can use the IP address too, but the "localhost" will works fine in
almost all server.
Maybe is better you talk with the server's sysop/administrator and ask for
how to confg. your php script.

Like I sad before, ALMOST all server acepts the host server as localhost,
than check your ID and PASS.



"     K" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> i want to know the host name to provide in config file . my computer name
is "deepak" , if i mention it as
> "localhost" it works fine on my system, but if i change it to "deepak" it
gives following error
> also i have modified lib.inc.php3 , so i won't be same line as comes with
standard version.
>  Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user:
>    'root@deepak' (Using password: YES) in lib.inc.php3 on line 95
>    Error
>    MySQL said:
>    Back
> the main problem is when i upload it to my website on different computer,
it gives similar error when host
> name is set as localhost .  i don't know the host name of that server.
also the problem is only with
> Advanced Authentication . it works fine for Basic Authentication
> -----------------------------
> reply soon
> bye
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> have a great day
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