Hi again.

I'm still trying but I can't do it.

I have tried this :

The result of this would be something like this
INSERT INTO Carrocerias VALUES (\'Ber\',\' Berlina\')
The mysql_errno is 1064.

I've tried mysql_escape_tring with the same result.
Before INSERT statement I put this
but it didn't work.

Can anyone where I could found an example ? I have looked on the online
manual of php but they are SELECT examples, there are no INSERT examples.
 I ' m a newbie PHP programmer .

Thanks again,

                        Jorge Giménez

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Subject: [PHP-DB] Special character on an INSERT statement

Hi .

I'm trying to do this on an INSERT statement.

$sql= "INSERT .... (' TONS OF CD'S ')
or any phrase with the character ' .
Obviously it gives an error when execeting mysql_query.

How can I do it ?


            Jorge Giménez

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