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>Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the
>[EMAIL PROTECTED] mailing list.
>I'm working for my owner, who can be reached
>Acknowledgment: I have added the address
>to the php-db mailing list.
>Welcome to [EMAIL PROTECTED]!
>Please save this message so that you know the address you are
>subscribed under, in case you later want to unsubscribe or change your
>subscription address.
>--- Administrative commands for the php-db list ---
>I can handle administrative requests automatically. Please
>do not send them to the list address! Instead, send
>your message to the correct command address:
>For help and a description of available commands, send a message to:
>To subscribe to the list, send a message to:
>To remove your address from the list, just send a message to
>the address in the ``List-Unsubscribe'' header of any list
>message. If you haven't changed addresses since subscribing,
>you can also send a message to:
>or for the digest to:
>For addition or removal of addresses, I'll send a confirmation
>message to that address. When you receive it, simply reply to it
>to complete the transaction.
>If you need to get in touch with the human owner of this list,
>please send a message to:
>Please include a FORWARDED list message with ALL HEADERS intact
>to make it easier to help you.
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