Hi there!
I am trying to use such combination of software: Apache 
1.3.20/PHP4.06/Postgres 7.1.3/Win2K. I met a serious problem -  some 
postgres database admin script (php)  says "Unable to connect to server".

I think i did everything i could - apache is running without problems, php 
is configured to use pgsql.dll. Anyway - something is wrong with php, it 
seems. I am making such decision because i am getting such error message in 
both cases - when postgres is running (with running cyg-ipc service) on not.

What makes it more difficult - i m trying to start it on the machine having 
no NIC and therefore using IP

Everything other works well. Netstat says that postgres is listening on More, i can use the pgadmin tool by GreatBridge (designed 
for nt/w2k, but using ODBC).

Laps Cileecish


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