yeah - everything's fine! All the variables are being stored, but
they're not getting passed to mysql_connect() for some really strange


I've done a temporary fix - moved the entire database connection
function to a separate file, and required that from the first required
file (!), and it's working, but the original problem has still got me


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Have your tried to echo the $host??



echo $host;


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> From:         Dave Watkinson
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> Subject:      [PHP-DB] Weird Problem In mysql_connect();
> Hey all
> I can connect with $conn =
> mysql_connect("IP_Address","username","password");
> but I can't connect with
>     $host = "IP_Address";
>     $user = "username";
>     $pass = "password";
> $conn = mysql_connect($host,$user,$pass);
> Any ideas? All I get is "Can't connect to MySQL Server on 'localhost',
> which is kinda weird cos I'm actually specifying a (different) IP
> address in the host argument.
> I know it wasn't broken, but I decided to try and fix it anyways!!!
> TIA!
> Dave

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