look here: http://www.bitmechanic.com/mail-archives/mysql/Jun1998/0387.html

An extract:

Write this:

select * from table_name limit 100
select * from table_name limit 100, 100
select * from table_name limit 200, ( what number you want)..

On Mon, 15 Jun 1998, Joe Walnes wrote:

 > Hi. I am fairly new to MySQL. Is there a way to return only certain pages
 > from a SELECT query.
 > By this I mean, suppose a query returns 1000 results, can I refine 
this to
 > only results 1-100, or 101-200, and so forth?
 > Thanks in advance.
 > -Joe Walnes.

Georgie wrote:

> I have a simple php script that searchs a MySQL database and returns results
> that I made myself and I'm trying to implement code that splits the results
> into x amount of pages, buts it really tricky.
> Can anyone give me a link to some code or even better, a search database
> script that I could adapt for my own needs?
> Thanks

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