Markus Mayer wrote:
> Let's say you have two servers, on the first one ("A") you have your website
> containig all those nice php scripts and co but only a crazy small database
> (2 megs), on the second one ("B") you have a really big database available
> but the problem, that the provider won't allow you to access the database
> from any other place than from your account on B. That wouldn't be the
> problem, but B opens pop ups each time, you open a website there - and that
> couldn't be the solution.
> Has anyone an idea how to access the database on B without opening a webpage
> there (and with this, without opening a popup) from server A?

If you can run your own scripts in the site you want to have access the
database, maybe you want to try using SOAP to implement remote services
that retrieve the data you need from the database or otherwise execute
some other action, all over HTTP.

In that case, you may want to try this SOAP server PHP base class that
you can use to develop new SOAP services without having to learn too
much about the protocol.


Manuel Lemos

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