Is it possible to do it on Linux servers?

On Wed, 5 Sep 2001 23:39:09 +0800, [EMAIL PROTECTED] (John Lim)

>You need to configure an ODBC DSN that accesses the foxpro database. Assume
>the DSN is called foxy.
>Then download from the library.
>Sample code:
>  include(''); include('');
>  $conn = &ADONewConnection('vfp');
>  $conn->PConnect('foxy');
>  $rs = $conn->Execute('select * from table');
>  rs2html($rs); /* recordset to html table */
>John Lim
>PS: This only works on Windows.
>"Er Galv„O Abbott" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
>> Greetings
>> I'm a newbie but I've been doing very nice thing with PHP. Now a
>> challenge appeared and I'm kinda lost and in need of some help.
>> I have a project that I have to make search and display routines in a
>> Fox Pro database. Everything was wonderful because almost all data
>> I've needed was stored in DBF files and PHP Dbase functions were
>> handling this very well.
>> Now I've found that a piece of data that is extremely important to the
>> application is in a FPT file. I saw a thread here that recommends the
>> use of the ADODB library for PHP that can be found at
>> Well, what I need, hoping that I'm not asking too much is if there is
>> anyone hre that can give me a practical example - maybe a code snip -
>> on how to achieve this.
>> Any help will be gratefully appreciated.
>> Thanks in advance,

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