On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 10:24:28AM -0500, Brian Mauter wrote:
> Are you running out of logons?  You should only need the client
> libraries on
> the machine with the PHP pages.  You do not need them anywhere else.
> (That's the beauty of the web!)
> Make sure you have ocilogoff in your PHP page when you're done.
> Even better (for performance reasons) create a session.  Then ONLY the first
> time that any of your pages load, run your ocilogon.  After that just reuse
> the logon.  From then on, just make a new statement everytime you need to
> query the database.
> Lastly, when I used PHP/Apache/Linux to talk to Oracle/NT4, I was getting
> stray defunct oracle processes hanging around on my Linux box.  The effect
> was that pages would work from one client PC, but not from another.  I think
> everytime I created a connection, it created the process.  The only way I
> could find to get around that was to recompile PHP with --enable-sigchild.
> This is PHP's own signal handler and it will clean up the stray oracle
> processes.
> Good luck,
> Brian
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Galvin, Max [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
> Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2001 10:07 AM
> Subject: bizarre ocilogon problem
> Hi,
> I have a page that retrieves info from an Oracle database and which works
> fine when I view it. When I switch to another PC with the same OS/browser
> (NT/IE5) I get an error:
> call to unsupported or undefined function ocilogon()
> We have the client libs installed but it's only on one or two machines that
> this fails. Any ideas why?

    you donÄt have oracle-oci support in you php! please
    configure php using --with-oci8.


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