Hello Devon,

Thursday, September 06, 2001, 8:41:55 PM, you wrote:

D> Below is an example of my code which searches a table and prints the result,
D> the problem is that it only displays the TechContact where I want it to
D> display all the fields that associated with it in that row off the colum eg.
D> Mobile, AdminContact etc etc  Any suggestions?

D> if ($TechContact == "")
D> {$TechContact = '%';}
D> $result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM enet
D>                          WHERE TechContact LIKE '$TechContact%'");
D> print $row["TechContact"];

Devon, http://php.net - use it.  Go to the mysql_query,
mysql_result,mysql_fetch_array functions.  Also you should probably
learn some more MySQL, a good place for this is .... http://mysql.com.  also
checkout devshed they wave some good tutorials dealing with what you
are doing.

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 Jacob                            mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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