I'm thinking that you should get all the common fields among the different
types of people:

F. Name, L. Name, Address, CC Number

And then create a different table containing additional information that
only pertains to certain types of people. Then join them using an id.

- Jonathan

"Alexander Deruwe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hey all,
> I have 4 database tables, that each describe some sort of 'person'
> (transporting company, truck-driver, ..) and have almost exactly the same
> fields.
> Is this the best way of storing this, or does this make more sense:
> One table, with all the same fields + 1 extra, noting the type of person
> (that could come from yet another table).
> Any suggestions, 'cause this really bothers me. :)
> ad.

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