hi list,

I'm using PHP 4.0.6 and i want to give an array as parameter
from a php script to an oracle pl/sql - procedure...

We had an older asp - site, witch used the same stored procedure, so
that it's clear, the procedure works...
In asp it calls "AddTable" to bind the parameter as array

call without typ:
OCIbindbyname($stmt, ":P13", &$arr,-1);
-> Warning: 
Array to string conversion in x on line y

call with OCI_B_CURSOR:
OCIbindbyname($stmt, ":P13", &$arr,10000,OCI_B_CURSOR);
-> Warning: 
Supplied argument is not a valid OCI8-Statement resource in x on line y

call with OCI_B_TABLE:
OCIbindbyname($stmt, ":P13", &$arr,10000,OCI_B_TABLE);
-> Warning:
Use of undefined constant OCI_B_TABLE - assumed 'OCI_B_TABLE' in x on line y

I got the same message with parameters: OCI_B_ARRAY, 
OCI_B_VARRAY and any other typs

Is this not possible with the current version?

Olaf Taesch

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