Hrm, yup... that does what I want... thanks :) It might be a little bit 
messy... because it'll most likely be embedded in text :) I'm making a 
weblog system for myself, so the full field might be "blah blah blah <? ... 
?> blah blah" which will most likely get messy...

Ahh well...


At 11:52 PM 10/09/2001, Rick Emery wrote:
>use this PHP function:  eval()
>As quoted from the PHP manual: "eval() evaluates the string given in
>code_str as PHP code. Among other things, this can be useful for storing
>code in a database text field for later execution"
>Further info is in the manual under the Miscellaneous Functions chapter
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>Subject: [PHP-DB] Parsing of db results by PHP
>Hi all,
>I have a MySQL db which contains table test, field test... one of the
>entries is
>         "<? external($url, $text); ?>"
>Where external() is a function i've written which outputs simple text.
>I want to be able to put calls to this function into the database, and have
>them parsed on rendering... With the above example, the raw code is just
>spat to the browser, and doesn't hit the interpreter.
>Any ideas?
>Robert Gormley
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Robert Gormley

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