i menage quite popular internet wortal (http://hip-hop.pl) and I use mysql and
php 4.0 as the main generator of all webpages.
since few months every day i have some problems with the server (AMD Duron
700MHz, 256 Mb RAM, ABIT KT7-RAID, Intel Ether Express 100+). operating system
is FreeBSD 4.3
the internet provider is checked, fast and good. i know this because on this
internet connection is linked another server (rather low traffic) and it works

this problem grow every day. the problem is that this server disapears for few
minutes, and then it apears again. it happens only in hours of main usage (i
know it from hourly satistics). when it apears it works rather fast. the problem
is growing every month because our statistics go up. when the server stops none
of the installed services works. and what is amazing there is no errors nor
warnings in the logs.

i was wondering if its is because of mysql or other service installed on the
server. has anyone the same problem in the past? what is the reason? please

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