Actually I don't know if this problem is a PHP-, an Apache- or a
MySQL-issue, but in this forum probably a lot is using the same combination
of servers, so probably someone has an experience to share with me.

I'm running a PHP-build website (using PHP 4.0.6) and an Apache-server
(1.3.20) on a Windows 2000-server. PHP is running as a Apache-module. Most
of pages is password-protected using .htaccess-files.

The website is connecting to a MySQL-server (3.23.41) using pconnect(). The
setup of the MySQL-server is the default in regard of the
max_connections-variable (set to 100).

As far as I understood, the mysql_pconnect-mechanism should reuse earlier
connections made by the same user.

However, I can see, that very often just a reload of a page is opening a new
process, and suddenly the max_connections-limit is reached: The user is
getting 'Too many connections'-errors. The SQL-server is restarted and soon
after the user get 'MySQL Server has gone away'-error. On more reload of the
page makes a new connection.

Before I decide to raise the 'max-connections'-setting, I would be nice to
hear from anyone with a similar experience. Is there a better solution, for
instance using mysql_connect() and mysql_close() instead of mysql_pconnect.

Or is this just a wellknown problem in MySQL? Anyone?

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